Quite the unlikely global perfume and cologne success story, Davidoff is a company that actually specialises in fine tobaccos rather than the high fashion that is often associated with perfumeries. The name Davidoff originates from the founder of the company, Zino Davidoff, who was born to Jewish parents in Kiev. His parents were tobacco merchants in Kiev who had to flee to Geneva following the persecution of Jews during the period. His parents established a tobacconist shop in Geneva which he would take over and go on to build into the empire it is today.

In addition to its famous Cuban cigars and luxury cigarette products, Davidoff has, of late, also become world-renowned for its lines of fragrances that have been met the world over with resounding enthusiasm. The first fragrance to have been released and distributed under the Davidoff name was a cologne called Davidoff Classic which hit the shops sometime in 1984. Owing to the favourable reviews and popularity of this initial venture into the world of fragrances Davidoff Classic cologne was quickly followed up a couple of years later by another fragrance which bore the name of the company’s owner. However most people today will be unable to separate the Davidoff brand from their enormously successful line of Cool Water scents that have become known all over the globe. The first of these was actually released back in 1988 as a cologne and captured the imaginations of millions of men with its non-traditional softer notes of jasmine and lavender. The fresher bouquet evident in Cool Water led to many women also purchasing the cologne and wearing it as perfume. Not wishing to miss out on a huge potential customer base that could be expanded upon in time the company also soon after debuted Cool Water for Women and also another spin-off called Cool Water Frozen perfume for Women. In addition to these, the overall popularity of the Cool Water line of fragrances has led to several more variations being introduced to the market, these continue to be released to this day, stretching back from 2010 to 2004 and testify to the overall popularity of the brand and it’s memorable scent. These variations on the Cool Water theme include: Cool Water Ice Fresh (2010), Cool Water Cool Summer (2009), Cool Water Freeze Me (2008),  Cool Water Game Happy Summer (2007),  Cool Water Wave for Women (2007), Cool Water Game (2006),  Cool Water Summer Fizz (2006), Cool Water Sea Scents and Sun (2005),  Cool Water Deep Sea, Scents and Sun (2005),  Cool Water Deep (2004), and Cool Water Frozen (2004). In addition to tobacco products and perfumes, Davidoff line also create luxury wallets, watches, alcoholic  beverages, coffee and even cigar humidors.