Our Five Simple Tips For Choosing The Perfect Fragrance Online

Ready for a new fragrance?  At MyPerfume.com, we have an incredible selection of fragrances from all over the world.  So how do you choose the right scent without trying it first?  Ask yourself these five questions and you’ll be well on your way to selecting a fragrance that’s just right for you!


1)    What do you already like?

Do you already have a favorite brand of fragrance?  Very often, fragrances under the same brand have similar notes and styles but are designed to be work for different occasions.  Start by seeing if your favorite brand has any fragrances you haven’t tried yet on offer.


2)    Do you know what notes you enjoy in a fragrance?

“Notes” are the basic components that make up a fragrance.  For example a fragrance might be described as featuring “Citrus”, “Bergamot”, or “Woodsy” notes.  Identify notes in fragrances that you’ve enjoyed in the past, and look for something new that features one or more of the same components.


3)     When will you wear it?

Be sure to choose a fragrance that fits your lifestyle.  If you’re looking for an everyday scent that you can wear anytime, choose one that’s heavy on botanical notes like “mandarin” or “floral”.  For evening fragrances, you might prefer a blend of luscious heavier notes, like “vanilla”, “musk”, or “cardamom”.


4)    What’s your travel personality?

Believe it or not, a simple question to help you refine your preferences is to ask yourself where you’d like to vacation!  Are you a thrill-seeking world adventurer who loves exotic foods and distant lands?  Or would you prefer a relaxing vacation at the beach?


Trying a new fragrance is all about selecting one that reminds you of the things you love.  To get started, think of your favorite vacation and see if you can find a fragrance that reminds you of it.  Maybe notes of cedar remind you of visiting a National Park, or notes of jasmine could bring back memories of touring Asia.  You’d be surprised how scents can powerfully bring good memories back to life!


5)    If it sounds good and looks good, try it!

Much care is put into the descriptions of fragrances on MyPerfume.com to help you choose your favorite fragrance.  If a description of one of our fragrances sounds appealing—try it!


Also, perfume bottles are carefully designed to reflect the scents they contain, so ask yourself if you like the bottle or not.  A shiny bottle encrusted with tons of crystals probably contains a bright, bold scent that’s perfect for a night out while a minimal, demure bottle probably contains a fragrance more suitable for everyday wear to the office.  As a rule of thumb, ask yourself: Does the bottle match the outfit I’ll have on when I want to wear this fragrance?   If the answer is yes, then you’re making the right choice!