Why Men Need Skin Care Products Too

Most women realize the importance of taking care of their skin’s appearance, providing moisture and protection from the elements and time. Men tend to forget that moisture is essential to healthy skin, and many skin care products appeal more to the female market. Believe it or not, men need skin care products just as much as woman, perhaps even more. A man’s skin is much thicker than the female counterpart, and is much drier as well. Most men are in dire need of added moisture and protection.

There are several reasons why men need to incorporate a good moisturizer into their daily routine. The number one reason is shaving. Most men tend to shave on a daily basis. Shaving leaves a man’s skin feeling smooth and exfoliated, but in much need of moisture. Applying a moisturizer to your face after shaving will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and protected for a greater amount of time.

There are two reasons why men do not use proper skin care. Thanks to product advertising and early socialization, men look at skin care products as women’s products. Another reason is that many men are passive when it comes to their appearances. Most men shave their face, brush their teeth and throw a little gel in their hair and call it a day; it should not be this way.

The key to improve any man’s appearance is to purchase a trusted brand from our product line to see and feel the obvious difference proper skin care can make. Using these skin care products will convince any man how amazing his skin can look and feel. There are so many products available from our website, it might be hard for any man to choose the right brand.

We would like to help by taking away the guesswork. There are several ingredients which a man should look for in skin care products, depending on his unique skin type. Some of the key ingredients and the moisturizers that contain them are as follows.


Polyphenols are key antioxidants that are found typically in green tea and other dark colored plants. This antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties to help fight swelling and redness caused by irritants in the environment such as dust, pollen and more.

Vitamin A

This is the ultimate ingredient when it comes to reversing the signs of aging. Vitamin A is retinol in its purest form, and has the power to stimulate cell turnover. This helps to rid the face of any visible sun damage and lighten the dark spots caused by aging.


Vitamin C

This is a super functional nutrient that is a key to any good moisturizer. Vitamin C has the power to reverse damage from uv rays and promote collage growth. More collage growth means a more youthful appearance.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

The word ‘acid’ may scare a lot of people away but it is actually very beneficial to any man or woman’s skin. It burns off the top layer of dying skin cells so that new fresh skin can grow in its place. This leads to a brighter skin tone that holds in more moisture.

The worst mistake that a man can make is to think that he does not need a good skin care regimen in his life. With shaving, extended periods of time working in the sun, and other harmful habits, a man’s skin is thirsty for moisture! Moisturizer doesn’t only mean smooth and soft skin but it also means a more healthy, attractive and youthful you!

What Products to Buy 

Following the ingredients listed above, we recommend choosing products from our AHAVA line to start a regimen. Choose a product for morning and evening, and one specifically designed for after shaving. Shaving is very hard on your delicate facial skin. If you are fighting dark circles or bags under your eyes, consider ordering an eye cream as well. L’oreal and Lancome are also trusted brands which might take years off of your manly appearance and leave your skin looking and feeling far more healthier.