Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT Spray 125ml 4.2oz


Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is the an exercise in balance, balancing masculine and feminine, warm and refreshing

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Even with a decade after Le Male was released it is still easy to understand why Le Male is still popular today. Le Male was developed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and consists of the following blend of notes: mint, artemisia, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, cumin, sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, tonka bean and amber. Upon first sniff it instantly recalls the barber shops of your youth, with the wormwood and lavender evoking those memorable talcs that the barber would brush around the back of your neck, as well as the aftershaves and the oils. This is the very first exposure to the scent, as it calms down on the skin mint, artemesia and bergamot begin to emerge, with the bergamot being a tad overpowering at this stage. Once this settles you get a delightful blend of orange blossom and lavender that are so well melded that it is almost impossible to distinguish one from the other. Cumin and cardamon are less pronounced than the other notes, with cardamom emerging more than the extremely subtle trace of cumin. These too settle down as the warm and sweet base notes vanilla and tonka bean begin to take hold. The final scent is a slightly harsh tartness that mirrors the opening but this immediately cools to a suble nondescript fruity aroma. This is as complex and sexy as they come, not one to wear if you don’t want to get noticed. An amazing olfactory achievement.

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