Review of Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker

We’ve had a lot to say about celebrity perfumes on this site, most of which have been at best unflattering. Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes don’t seem to fit into the celebrity scent mould for two simple reasons. Firstly they are aimed, or seem to be aimed at an older woman, with all the sophistication therein that that implies, and secondly she doesn’t seem in any kind of rush to flood the perfume market with bottles bearing her name, this new fragrance comes two whole years after the release of Lovely. Both of these facts are a most welcome here. The idea behind Covet was to create something harder and more aggressive in nature than Lovely, something more daring and interesting.

The notes that go into Covet are as follows: wet greens, geranium leaves, Sicilian lemon, lavender, chocolate, honeysuckle, magnolia, muguet, musk, vetiver, bois de cashmere, teakwood and amber. Immediately you can see a difference between these notes and the sickly sweet sugary fruits of most other celebrity scents. Covet opens loud, with a sharp burst of lemon tempered by lavender and grounded in greens. It immediately softens on the skins, the initial sharpness quickly rounds itself off, making way for the sweetness of the chocolate to waft through. Almost just as this takes place the central flowers come in, and equally quickly they seem to dry out and make way for the perfumes distinctive musk.. This is a very well put together scent, one of my favorite celebrity affairs. It is dark and sexy in the base, with the vaguest hints of the initial sharpness informing the sweet edible hints of vanilla and chocolate. It also lasts seemingly forever, even though it progresses through its notes so quickly and what you’re left with is a delicious perfume with a wonderful warmth that you want to ever fade. I never seem to grow tired of this one.