Review of Fuel For Life by Diesel

Created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Vasseur under a new licencing deal between Diesel and L’Oreal, Fuel For Life for her is classified as a chypre-floral. You might expect this to be yet another in a long line of saccharine youthful scents that are promptly forgotten almost as soon as they are encountered but I have to say you’d be wrong. Although Fuel For Life is indeed aimed at a younger, trendier, and perhaps a little less discerning slice of the perfume-buying public it does actually surprise and certainly stands out from the ever-growing crowd of sweet and fruity teenie fragrances. Fuel For Life for her opens with intriguing top notes of mandarin and pink pepper that open the senses and create the space for the delicate and well-rounded heart notes of jasmine, blackcurrant and patchouli which are in turn well grounded by a nicely textured musk at the base. Its bright zingy freshness can seem a little overwhelming at first but give it just a little time and you will see, or rather smell, that Fuel For Life actually quickly develops into a very charming fragrance. Not as youthful as you might imagine, it is actually suitable for all sorts of women looking for something fresh and sexy and more than anything else bright and rather charming.