Review of Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

Hypnotic poison has always been a firm favourite among the men. Wearing this scent is always bound to illicit complements no-matter how “mainstream” it is. It was brought to the market in 1998, and was always the original Poison’s softer, quieter, more mysterious little sister. It does not attack the senses like Poison, but instead works slower and more seductively, each note beautifully synergising with the last to create a dreamier, more subtle olfactory experience. Many fans of this perfume talk about it as being a perfect winter companion, stating that there is something incredibly comforting about it, to be used as a sort of ally during those difficult winter months. When the oriental blend of bitter and sweet that Hypnotic Poison opens with has done it’s bit and begins to gradually fade a fresh musk begins to come to the fore. The notes of this particular perfume are as follows: Bitter almond, caraway, jasmine sambac, acaranda wood, moss and vanilla musk. Bitter almond folds delightfully into jasmine cream as the top notes emanate away from your skin upon first applying it. There is also a strange metallic note that seems to cut through the rich creaminess of the scent, perfectly tempering its sweeter notes and toning them down. The base notes are musky and gourmand whilst also slightly animalistic and perfectly restrained by a hint of bitterness that runs all the way through fro top notes down to the base. Every bit as magical as when it first debuted, it’s an excellent choice for all fans of anything with a hint of Jasmine.