Review of Incredible Me by Escada

Escada’s Incredible Me hit stores back in 2008 with an advertising campaign that was fronted by Lydia Hearst. Envisioned by the company as an “intercultural” scent, whatever that means in this day and age, it brings together exotic Asian elements with the vibrancy of the western world.

Classified as a vanilla-based floral oriental it comprises notes of Clementine, honeysuckle, orchid, tiramisú, vanilla and sandalwood. This is an overwhelmingly sweet scent, opening with Clementine the citrus top notes are not as sharp as perhaps the rest of the notes warrant. This initial sweetness morphs and is replaced as heart notes of honeysuckle and orchid come to the fore. The middle notes then linger for a while, not as spicy as the oriental olfactory group it belongs to would suggest. Only the vaguest citrus hints remain discernible as the sweet flowers make way for a still sweet edible base. The base notes of tiramisu (an Escade favourite), vanilla and sandalwood round the perfume of rather nicely to a luxurious and sexy gourmand finish. If sweet scents are not your thing then you’d be best advised to give this one a miss. However I should point out that this is one of the better ones, it’s a luxurious sweetness that is best used sparingly, but is guaranteed to get mouths watering as you walk past. The bottle is a stunner, a curve knot of glass echoing the company’s logo and lined with mat black. The lifespan of the scent is slightly longer than average, further confirmation if any was needed that you really ought to go easy on the spray unless you want people to thing that you lie in a crème brulee factory.