Review of La Roue de la Fortune by Dolce & Cabbana

La Roue de La Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune) is the forth in a line of five new scents that compose D&G’s new Fragrance anthology. Taking as its inspiration a number of cards from the tarot card deck it seeks to create a unique fragrance for both men and women that represents one of five archetypal ideas. La Roue de La Fortune contains a blend of the following notes: tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, benzoin and patchouli. This is a sweet floral fragrance that centres around a bouquet of white flowers, as a result if sweet is not your thing then you might want to give this one a wide berth. Notes of tuberose, gardenia and jasmine meld in the opening, teasing the nostrils with their delicate sweetness. None of them really compete for dominance although I suppose you could say that generally the jasmine is a little bit more noticeable than the other flowers in this floral blend. The floral head notes are sweetened even further with a hint sweet citrus and just a touch of banana. Thankfully the fragrance is not a particularly strong one as it would definitely be rather overpowering with all these sweet notes. Patchouli and benzoin attempt to resolve the sweetness but are themselves overpowered and this extremely feminine scent  fades out pretty much exactly as it came in, sweet, sweet and a little more sweet. Perhaps its only saving grace is the fact that it is not so strong.