Review of L’Amoureaux 6 by Dolce & Cabbana

L’Amoureaux 6 (translates to The Lovers) is composed of the following notes: bergamot, cardamom, juniper, pink pepper, spices, birch leaf, orris, wood and finally musk. Being that current perfume trends tend to dictate that most fragrances center around a kind of sugary sweetness that has been the bane of perfume reviewers’ lives for years,  L’Amoureaux 6 is actually a welcome break with this rather staid tradition. Three of the five fragrances in the D&G Fragrance Anthology are also rather sweet and  L’Amoureaux 6 is the exception to this rule.  Okay, so this particular fragrance opens with citrus that is softened and freshened up by being blended with a gentle and breezy aquatic note. After this fresh and zingy introduction the fragrance begins to veer off onto a different track as a certain spiciness begins to emerge. Notes of pepper and cardamom pierce through the initial citrusy freshness adding depth and texture to the overall fragrance. As the spice finishes up it’s job of cutting through the top notes and opening the nose the base notes of wood, more spice and juniper round the whole experience off and bring it home. While this is indeed a welcome break in the line from the sweetness of the other fragrances in the line, much like Le Bateleur 1, it really feels like it has all been done before. There is nothing really new and interesting here, even though in and off itself this is a good all round fragrance.