Review of Le Bateleur 1 by Dolce & Gabbana

Le Bateleur 1 (or the juggler/magician) features the use of both aromatic and aquatic notes, with a base of  cedar and vetiver. Unfortunately they seem to have overdone it slightly with the cedar notes and as a result comes off smelling too much like soggy wood chips. Even though these peculiar top notes only last for several minutes matters are not really helped by what follows, in which Le Bateleur 1 then ventures in what can only be described as stock sport fragrance teriitory. This is where notes of melon, mild spice and calone begin to come to the fore. As these rather uninteresting and unoriginal heart notes wear on and begin to ease out the fragrance returns to a sort of  soggy cedar and wet vetiver base that may have been interesting enough on its own were it not for the rather predictable middle notes of this particular fragrance. To sum up a less from glowing review Le Bateleur 1 is exactly what you expect from a “sport” fragrance, it is smooth and rather strong and long lasting, smells pretty much like every other sport smell out there and really feels like a superfluous addition to the D&G fragrance anthology.