Review of Palazzo by Fendi

Having been discontinued in many stores, Palazzo by Fendi was always something of a love hate affair with most people. Many mention it in the same breath as Thiery Mugler’s Angel, others site it as being closer to Karma by Lush. And although you’re not likely to find very many glowing reviews of Palazzo, for some reason unbeknown to me,  I’d like to break with this tradition of Palazzo bashing and mention some of the fragrances good points, for there are indeed many. Firstly its rare, you don’t get very many people nowadays tapping you on the shoulder and saying “you’re wearing Palazzo by Fendi aren’t you?” Superfluities aside, it is actually a pretty interesting perfume.  It is bold  and assertive, rather delightfully off-key in composition and coming from Annick Menardo as it does, it is deliciously foody.

I don’t know about you but I never tire of smelling a certain way that makes men want to eat me! The patchouli notes are forward and unashamed and there is a really interesting incense-like smokiness to the scent that I personally find extremely sexy. Curiously there is also some citrus in there not evident in the top but buried somewhere deeper, perhaps the synergistic result of a couple of other elements as they mix with one another. It is undeniably sophisticated and self-assured, it doesn’t toe the line but rather is brass enough to stand out and say something different. It lasts forever, wafts off the skin exceptionally well and gets you noticed in a good way. The notes are as follows, I got so into eulogizing it I forgot to mention them at the onset:  mandarin orange, lemon, bergamot, pink pepper, orange blossom, rose, and jasmine. If you want something a little different, a little rare and that comes in an absolutely preposterous bottle, this is definitely something you might want to try. Get hold of it while certain online companies still have the stock, and if you like it, buy a whole lot more!