Review of Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren

Developed by perfumer Annie Buzantian, Ralph Rocks is is yet another addition to the Ralph by Ralph Lauren line of perfumes for young women. The line was introduced back in 2000 in order to capture a piece of the ever-growing twenty-something fragrance market and has seen the company release a string of fresh and fruity perfumes. The notes for this particular fragrance include passion fruit, kiwi, citrus, freesia, orange blossom, hyacinth, palm leaves, sun-bleached woods, coconut milk, sandalwood and amber.

At the very top the first notes to hit you as soon as you spray this perfume are a strong and sweet blend of tropical fruits. After these you get a fresh burst of citrus that helps to cut through the sweet fruity aroma,Thus preventing Ralph Rocks coming across as some kind of tropical fruit juice rather than a perfume. As these initial top notes begin to calm and the perfume dries on your skin it follows with a cream floral heart that is sweetened slightly by a hint of coconut, this helps tie in the head and heart notes to each other. As the middle phase of Ralph Rocks wears on you notice that it becomes progressively less floral and more coconut-y, without ever becoming to overpowering. By the time the heart notes have completely faded, and with them all hints of fruit, the perfume settles into a pale musk, grounded by the scent of woods. This is definitely one of the better perfumes in the line. Yes, it is sweet but nowhere near as sweet as other twenty-something fragrances and indeed many of the other ones in the Ralph by Ralph Lauren line.