Review of Ralph Wild by Ralph Lauren

Paired with the sport line of garments from Ralph Lauren, the Ralph by Ralph Lauren line of perfumes have been quite a success. Not just in the marketplace but also from the point of view of perfume reviewers. While there is nothing really groundbreaking about them, they do seem to be  much more well balanced and poised than many of the other perfumes out there geared at the young adult market.  Regardless of its name, Wild by Ralph Lauren, like the other perfumes in this line is a fruity floral, fresh, sweet and zingy at the top, floral in the middle and pale musky at the base. The head notes are sweet and fruity, strawberry being the dominant scent in top of this particular fragrance, this in turn gives way to a nondescript flowery bouquet in the centre, which in turn makes way for a pale woody kind of musk at the bottom. The notes are as follows: strawberry watermelon, cherry blossom, pink peppercorn, red petals, jasmine, amber, sandalwood and musk.

Though having nothing particularly wild about it, Ralph Wild by Ralph Lauren is a very pleasant, fresh and extremely wearable scent. The notes are well balanced so as to prevent the sweetness of the fruits becoming overpowering. This is a nice, sweet and fun pink fruity floral suitable for women of all ages.