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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP is a fragrance for an exclusive set of individuals, ones that demand an exciting fast paced lifestyle that never stops night or day always on the run and always on that elusive VIP list.

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Herrera 212 VIP was created by the noted perfumer Alberto Morillas in 2010 and is another Carolina Herrera perfume. Herrera 212 VIP is said to be inspired by the New York lifestyle aiming to embody its metropolitan and energetic character. Herrera 212 VIP is fresh, light, energetic and feminine, with great silage and really lasts. Herrera 212 VIP is one of those perfumes which have waves of fragrance, but it is always light and fresh throughout.
Herrera 212 VIP comprises of notes of; passion fruit, rum, vanilla, Tonka bean, gardenia and musk.
Herrera 212 VIP opens with notes of passion fruit and rum. The passion fruit is prevented from becoming too fruity by the sweet rum producing an accord that works very well as it is a little spicy.
The heart notes of Herrera 212 VIP are musk and gardenia these create a floral accord which is light and rather powdery yet there is a subtle hint of the vanilla of the base notes showing through.
The transition between the opening notes and the heart notes in Herrera 212 VIP is very smooth as the passion fruit is rather floral and the gardenia seems to grow from it.
The base notes of Herrera 212 VIP are Tonka bean and vanilla which create a warm almost amber base.
Herrera 212 VIP can be used at any time of day and during any season.
Amongst the top twenty for favorite fragrances, perfume reviewers find the scent of Herrera 212 VIP to be delighting. The following of Herrera 212 VIP has grown to the point where the fragrance of Herrera 212 VIP is searched for on the internet more then almost any other.
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP perfume is another entry in a long list of Carolina Herrera perfumes that carry the 212 label. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP price is about average for a 212 perfume, however by going to discount perfume stores on the internet to purchase Herrera 212 VIP some great savings can be made as they have much lower overheads than regular stores, some are even duty free.

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