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Carolina Herrera 212 Men is a uniquely created fragrance that features a interesting combination of spicy, floral, earthy and refreshing accords

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Carolina Herrera 212 Men has been created by the noted perfumers Rosendo Mateu, Ann Gottlieb Herrera and Alberto Morillas. This is another release from the Carolina Herrera 212 perfume collection. Carolina Herrera 212 Men is amongst the most searched for, popular perfumes on the internet. Carolina Herrera 212 Men is classified as a woody floral scent for men and is very distinct. Herrera 212 Men is in the top twenty favorite perfumes of cologne reviews, with the reviewers delighting in the accords and blends Herrera 212 Men provides.

Carolina Herrera 212 Men contains notes of grapefruit, spices, lavender, bergamot, petit grain, green notes, ginger, violet, gardenia, green pepper, sage, labdanum, musk, guaiac wood, sandalwood, vetiver and incense. Given this complex array of notes you would expect Carolina Herrera 212 Men to be a very busy perfume but surprisingly it is simple and elegant and can be used in all climates and for all occasions.
Carolina Herrera 212 Men opens with a fresh citrus and spicy scent which is restrained by lavender and some assorted green notes.
The heart of Carolina Herrera 212 Men sees the citrus zing of the opening replaced with ginger which works to counter and compliment the earthy and woody floral notes of the middle but retains a zesty kick.
The base end of Carolina Herrera 212 Men is extremely woody, using the resinous guaiac wood and sandalwood as a base with layers of incense, labdanum and vetiver. This creates a very smoky and woody closing with a zing being carried over from the middle which freshens the fragrance.
Carolina Herrera 212 Men is light, fresh, clean and sexy but warmer climates will diminish the lasting power of this otherwise excellent all rounder.
Herrera 212 Men is so popular that as of 2010, Herrera 212 Men is one of the most searched for fragrances on the internet

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