Lancome Tresor In Love Edp 75ml Tester – 2.5oz


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Lancome Tresor In Love Edp 75ml Tester – 2.5oz


What is a Tester perfume and is it safe for me to purchase it online?

Yes, it is completely safe to purchase a perfume tester, from a trusted source, given that the perfume is stored in appropriate storage conditions (upward position, light and temperature controlled environment, in their original packaging, never been used / sprayed).

A perfume Tester, is exactly what the name indicates. It is a Tester version of the actual fragrance, as for retail stores to be able to put it out and have their customers test the scents.

The juice within the bottle is the exact same juice you will find in the retail package. The only difference between the tester and the retail perfume, is the outer package, which is most of the times, a plain (white or brown) carton box. Some companies such as Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome (i.e Lancome La Vie Est Belle Florale Edt 50ml), have taken the manufacturing of testers a step further. Their outer package is very similar to the retail package you will find in the stores. Of course the cellophane wrap is not a feature of the testers. All of the them come from the factories, without the plastic cellophane wrap.

There are sellers that provide Testers Brand New, Never Used, in their Original Tester Package and the products come with the lid, directly from the factories.

These type of sellers you should trust –, is one of these online sellers. Trusted by thousands, we only give you the very best of what is in the market.

Yes, perfume testers, will have the sign “TESTER” either on the outer package either on the bottle itself, and it may even say “Not For Resale”. This does not mean, that it is illegal to trade with perfume Testers. There is no active law that forbids sellers to trade with perfumes.

You will find them everywhere, and it is one of the best alternatives, for you to have your signature scent (especially when it is an expensive one, i.e: CREED, COCO CHANEL) at a much lower price! is a part of Sunoutlet Ltd, and we guarantee that all of the perfume Testers, come directly from licensed retailers, are Brand New, Never Used, in their Original Tester Box, as manufactured and provided by the factories.

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