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Calvin Klein CK1 is one of the designer’s most popular perfume, that upon its introduction change the entire landscape of the perfume industry, it defined the genre of contemporary fresh fragrances that has become an industry standard.

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Calvin Klein CK1 Pump is one of the first unisex fragrances that established Calvin Klein as a important factor in the perfume industry introducing the now very popular fresh contemporary citreous aromatic fragrance (such as D&G’s Light Blue, Armani Aqua De Gio, Armani Code and Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier just to mention a few). Calvin Klein CK1 Pump is a light fragrance with citreous notes as the primary element but featuring a complex mix of exotic fruit accords subtle earth notes courtesy of Tonka bean pods. Calvin Klein CK1 Pump’s middle is a bouquet of powdery light floral elements not overly pronounced as the fragrance is unisex. Calvin Klein CK1 Pump’s middle features the luxurious notes of rose, violet, jasmine and lily of the valley, with the addition of nutmeg and orris roots to balance out the floral elements with a earthy warmth. Calvin Klein CK1 Pump’s base is a combination of fresh and earthy with elements of amber, sandalwood, white musk, cedar and oakmoss. This fragrance is so subtle and that it can easily be worn day or night in a professional or casual environment

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