Escada Especially Escada Edp Spray 75ml


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Escada Especially Escada is a vibrant, bright and playful fragrance that will spin you around on a carousel of beautiful fragrances

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Escada Especially Escada is a simple, playful and refreshing fragrance created as a ode to the classical but propelling it into the present contemporary time, and Escada Especially Escada does this very successfully. Escada Especially Escada opens with a unique and uplifting combination of cool and earthy ambrette musk and sweet juicy pear. Escada Especially Escada center is floral but exotic at the same time featuring both contemporary accord ylang-ylang and as traditional as perfumery itself rose accord and both are tied together with a aqua accord. Escada Especially Escada’s base is simply white musk, a refreshing, cool and comforting.

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