Paco Rabanne Black Xs For Her EDT Spray 80ml (2.7oz)


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Paco Rabanne Black Xs is a fragrance inspired by the rock and roll lifestyle; dark, tattooed up and ready to go. Paco Rabanne Black Xs is edgy, contemporary and sure to please even the hardest rocker

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This one follows on from the original Black XS For Him that Paco Rabanne released back in 2005.

Emilie Coppermann and Marc Buxton are responsible for creating this somewhat younger smelling scent for women. The notes that comprise it are as follows: tamarind blossom, pink peppercorns, cranberry, hellebore rose, black violet, cacao flower, massoia wood, patchouli and vanilla. Tamarind and cranberry synergies beautifully in the head notes creating a lovely sharp tartness that so easily could have gone the other way. This tartness however is not enough to completely level out what is in effect an otherwise full on sweet affair. In the middle you’ll find flowers and vanilla with perhaps just the vaguest hint of dark chocolate, which then settles down to a smoldering amber musk touched by the scent of woods, touches of patchouli and a slightly darker sort of vanilla. It closes smoothly and very seductively with slight traces of spice in the tail.

The silage is quite impressive, traveling further than you might expect and the staying power is also quite good. Probably best to avoid using it in the heat of the summer and when you do use rather sparingly, the top notes are deceptive, this thing grows as time passes and fills a room with its sweet sexy aroma so beware. Personally I liked it, it seems a tad more sophisticated and nuanced for a perfume aimed at younger girls than myself, this is a most welcome addition. Can’t say I’d rush out to buy it for myself but it is a great present for one of my younger friends or my nieces.

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