Review of La Lune 18 by D&G

La Lune 18 (The Moon) is the fifth and final fragrance in the D&G Fragrance Anthology. Although you may imagine that this one was earmarked as the collection’s darker or midnight fragrance that is not exactly what you get here. Instead what you get is more of the same, a variation on the theme that runs through the entire collection, which in a nutshell is sweet and unoriginal. The notes you’ll find in La Lune 18 are lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, orris and leather. It opens with white flowers and closes with musk, that’s pretty much it really, no leather to it, no animal sexiness. It’s pretty boring to be honest although well-rounded. It smells like about a hundred other perfumes you’ve probably already come across, most of them cheap and cheerful. The orris is overwhelmed by the white floral bouquet and all you’re really left with is a vague and uninspired, sent for that matter, uninspiring “feminine” scent. I really wish D&G had put their energies into creating one very good scent, instead of five very average ones.