Review of The One for Women by D&G

The One by D&G is classified as belonging to the floral Oriental group of fragrances. It is composed of top notes of mandarin and bergamot and complimented perfectly by fruity hints of  peach and lychee. Overall there is a delightful warmth to this fragrance and with primarily floral middle notes  that are almost entirely made up of jasmine. These notes will begin to fade out over a few hours depending of your skin type and will just slightly linger as they begin to dry down to a delicious vanilla and sweet amber that is also very well rounded. What you won’t find in D&G’s The One is overt animalistic sexiness, or a scent that the young ones will dash out to by. It is refined and chic, delicate and poised, but a little “mature” if you know what I mean. There is nothing particularly that wows the senses or stands out from the crowd here, except perhaps for the fact that it doesn’t smell as youthful as the advertising campaign might lead you to believe. D&G perfume buyer tend to collect every bottle of perfume that the fashion house releases, I’d be very interested to see what those hardcore D&G fragrance collectors make of this. Like I said, it’s well balanced, rather chic, but most definitely not the one for me.